Postponed.. Break..

Quoted from EZTV – Heroes

"Airs: Sunday
Returns: 2007-04-23"

Quoted from Naruto-Kun

"For all of you who were expecting a new Naruto Episode this week, I'll have to disappoint you. Naruto Shippuuden Episode 5 entitled: "As the Kazekage…!" will only be airing on March 15th. Also note that episode 6 & 7 will be a one hour special airing on March 29th."


5 Responses

  1. renkenjutsu says:

    Jangan kata Naruto je yg break, Heroes pun ader break sekejap jgk. šŸ™

  2. paanMFR says:

    aku cite pasal Heores ngn Naruto aa man.. hahaha

  3. renkenjutsu says:

    hahaha. tak perasan plak aku. chiuuuuuussss

  4. hazwan says:

    oo..peminat heroes n naruto shippuden gak upenye..

    bile ckp heroes..lama tak tgk claire.pompuan comel…:x

  5. huhuhu… korang tau tak saper..Akatsuki leader, pastu..saper tu Uchiha mandara, huhu… confiusĀ², pastu satu lagi.. kalau korang struggle camner nak download naruto shippuden aku tau.. port baik nyer..xyah serabut nak register sana sini.. korang masuk sini ->

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